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How long will my installation take to complete?
On average, 2 installers are able to complete 300-400sqft in a day timing can vary depending on size of planks and type of material. Please call to discuss your particular project. 
What are the different types of installation?
There are 3 different types of installation. First, floating installation is used for both laminate and vinyl. This is also an option for hardwood installation as well. During this type of installation an underlayment is used and material is placed on top of subfloor. Second,  glue down installation is when the wood is attached to the subfloor using adhesive. And the third type is also for hardwood and is a nail down. This installation is to be used on a wood subfloor. 
What is the difference between solid and engineered flooring?
A solid floor is made of a solid piece of wood. Normally this type of flooring is recommended to be installed on a raised or wood foundation and above grade. Engineered is multi ply with top vaneer for chosen species. This is most commonly used among homeowners on West Coast. 
Does Vinyl need a pad or underlayment?
The pad or underlayment is recommended to minimize sound. Always use recommended underlayment, using a underlayment that is to thick can break the locking mechanism.